Topic Background(Revised Version, Post 1 )

In the world today, humans deal with many problems, either individually or within a group. Most of the time, individuals lump these problems together and slap a label on these burdens. The more popular word that is commonly used to describe this combination of overwhelmed emotions is stress. In an article written by, The American […]

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Analyzing Stakeholders(Revised Version)

Recently, I decided to change my topic from health and fitness to the more relatable topic of stress. Stress is defined to be a mental, emotional, or physical tension brought about by internal or external pressures such as anxiety or overwork (Gale Encylopedia 2014). Over the years, different factors have steadily increased stress within individuals. […]

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Different forms of Stress

Stress is a global issue, an issue that many of us face today even as college students. A lot of debates come from the topic of stress but one in particular has something to do with either a stress disorder should be treated or left alone. There are different types of stress, such as Acute […]

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