How can i cope with stress?? !

As a college student, stress can be tough to deal with: especially with all the responsibilities of getting good grades to having good relationships. In a fast paced world, we are demanded that we put in 100% of our effort and heart into everything we do, but sadly, this can lead to terrible consequences brought up from stress itself.  Fortunately, as college students we are given multiple ways to cope with stress. Ever individual has a way to cope with his or her stress: the techniques themselves can either be done physically or mentally.


Sometimes, there are those type of people who have a very busy and unpredictable life: most like I, have no time to do physical activities to cope with stress. Although it is very small example, there was a research done by the Andrew’s and colleagues that stated “men and women who reported having a happy mood (positive thoughts) had lower levels of the stress” (2008). A happy mood can spark positivity mentally, which can lead to a non-stressful lifestyle in the long run. I am a positive thinker myself, and I realized how effective this skill can be for me especially in dire, depressing moments of my life. There were situations that were very tough for me, situations such as adjusting to college and failing my first few college classes. The only thing I had to cope with such stressful situations was the positive thinking I grew up with. By thinking positively about every possible outcome, it allowed me to overcome and negative/stressful thinking that came my way. Instead of thinking “I can’t do this” or “I’m nothing special” I made it go into “I can do this” and “I am unique and special”. Thinking positively is sometimes not always enough for an individual, so one of the other coping mechanisms that college students love to use: is the use of hobbies, or the things most of them are passionate about.

Students usually have a passion for the weirdest things, but those weird things are what help cope with each individual’s stress. In a magazine publication, that compared the ways boys and girls deal with stress; it stated that “Girls are more apt than boys to lower their stress levels by talking with friends.” (2008 Current).  Although I am not a girl, I have heard stories from my friends themselves about how effective talking to a friend can be. On the other hand, there is another statistic that stated “Boys are more likely than girls to use computer games as a stress reliever.” (2008 Current). As a gamer, I tend to take out all my stress playing the game League of Legends. Playing a video game has the same idea, of taking something an individual is very passionate about and having them use it as a coping mechanism to stress.

Every individual, has a different way of coping with the problems of stress. No matter what gender; boy or girl there are ways. Coping mechanisms are not always physical but sometimes mental, in other words; thinking positively to receive a better result or idea about a terrible situation. Other mechanisms are physical, things like; Talking with friends or participating in something you really love to do. All are different ways of looking at the topic but in the end have the same result.


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