Cope more, Stress Less

As college students and young adults, we experience stress in all kinds of different ways, through homework, family, friends maybe even our lifestyles. Throughout our young adult hood, we focus on what we want in the future rather then taking care of our personal/present health. We have all experienced a very stressful moment or situation, and if you haven’t then i guarantee you will experience a moment more than once in your life. Managing and coping with stress is an important skill to have throughout life and should be developed from a young age if not developed already. Some might ask why, why learning techniques and different ways to cope with stress is important. Episodic Stress , Chronic Stress, and Acute Stress can all lead up to really serious situations within a person’s mental or physical state. Examples of mental illnesses one can obtain without proper ways to cope with stress are illnesses such as, PTSD , Insomnia, Anxiety & panic attacks and Depression. We have came up with different ways to cope with stress itself and prevent mental or physical problems. Many of you, have preferences and some will have the excuse of : i have no time” but is that really a valid excuse? I understand most of you want to be successful in the future and are willing to take on anything, no matter how stressful the situation is, but what would be the point of getting that successful job or accomplishing that task if you’re mentally ill or physically exhausted? Its better to learn how to cope with stress now than it is later on into the future. Either go on a diet plan , implement some physical exercise of your choice or change the way you think from negative to positive. A Behavioral Science academic and Life- changing speaker Dr. Steve Maraboli once said “I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.” (335)


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